Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prayer for a NICU Baby

A nurse and friend of mine introduced me to Reed Putman via his caring bridge page and I'd like to ask all you faithful prayer warriors to pray for little Reed. His parents are Christians and are praying that God does a work in little Reed's body as he is having a lot of similiar struggles that Tori had this time last year. To read his mom's journal brought back a lot of memories of how Tori looked with all the fluid and remembering things like changing such tiny diapers, etc.

(This picture is of Tori before she started to get sick last November. This is before all the fluid build up when she could still wear the tiny diapers.)

It seems like no time ago that was US there in the NICU praying and hoping for a miracle as we sat by our daughter's bedside day in and day out. You don't ever think about this being the way children enter this world, but everyday there are babies born early like this, facing complications due to prematurity. This is why it's so important to be involved in things like the Melissa George Fund where lifesaving equipment is bought for the NICU because you never know if it is going to be YOU or someone you know that may need it one day.

(This is how tiny some babies start out. This was Tori's hand holding my finger.)

Please visit Reed's page and pray for him and his family. As we celebrate Christmas this year, I think of all the families who will spend it in the hospital with their children instead of at home. If you have a healthy baby that came home from the hospital with you, count your blessings and hug them a little tighter.

(This is our family at Christmas time in the hospital last year. Many families spend the holidays with their children in the hospital each year.)


Amy George said...

Thank you so much for posting about Reed. One of his NICU nurses called me soon after he was born, and I talked to his mommy on the phone. I was able to meet her and her husband at the Spirit of Hope tree lighting Tuesday night. They are wonderful people with such strong faith! We are praying for Reed and so is our Bible study group at church. Thanks for letting other people know about him!


Jennifer said...

Please know that we will keep Reed and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Your faith is inspirational!

Devon Rene said...

i just happened upon your blog...and wow. i havent read your entire story yet but we have a lot in common already...

i am so sorry for your loss....